Welcome to Aurora Borealis Adventures - experience nature in Swedish Lapland!


Experience beautiful nature in Swedish Lapland during all four seasons of the year. We offer dog sled tours almost all year around, but also Stand Up Paddling, kennel visits and much more.

You´ll find us 40 km from Vindeln, 35 km from Lycksele or 100 km from Umeå.



Let yourself be enchanted by Lapland

We are a proud family of 50 dogs and 2 to 4 guides that are all proud to work together. We have the pleasure of offering varied ways of meeting our dogs and booking a trip together with us to see the dogs in action.

Before you visit you can meet our family here and get to know them a little better. Meet the dogs

We are looking forward to meeting you in real life.

Aurora Borealis HB, Ekorrsele 35, 922 91 Vindeln, Sweden. Tel +46-(0)705 799 338 Maria / +46-730 933 076 Donald