Här hittar ni oss

Where to find us & travel arrangements

Travel arrangements

When you are planning your travel arrangements to come to us,

you’ll find many options. The pictures to the right will guide you

to the operating companies.

If you choose to come by train, you’ll find the night train with SJ,

from Stockholm to Vindeln. You leave Stockholm at around

10 p.m and arrive in Vindeln just after 7.30 a.m

If you choose to come by air, you’ll find it easy to fly to Lycksele.

You’ll find flights every weekday, leaving from Stockholm/Arlanda, Sweden’s main hub.

The flight time to Lycksele is 85 minutes.

You can also choose to fly to Umeå with Norwegian, SAS or Bra. Norwegian and SAS use Stockholm/Arlanda as their hub, and Malmö Aviation use Stockholm/Bromma. The flight duration to Umeå is approx. 55 minutes.

If you need any help with your travel arrangements we’re more than happy to help you. Just give us a call or send us an email with your closest train station, airport etc, and we’ll try to find the best option for you.

You can also use our travel partner Enter Lapland, who can help you with both flight, trains and hotels. +46-950-275 50, enterlapland@lycksele.se, www.enterlapland.se


It will be almost impossible to find a bus connection to our place, so you need to rent a car or to come by taxi. We have fixed prices from Lycksele and Umeå with the taxi companies, but a rental car is probably much cheaper.

If you need any help, just let us know.

By car

If you come by car its very easy to find us. If you have a GPS its even easier. We´re a point of interest in most GPS, so just type Aurora Borealis Adventures, or type Ekorrsele, Vindeln.

If you don’t have a GPS just follow these instructions.

From Umeå, 95 km / 75 minutes

Drive road 363 bound Sorsele for 85 km. By the village Strycksele turn left by the signs Lycksele 46, Ekorrsele 10. Continue for 10 km and turn left by the sign Bygdegård and follow that road for 200 meters.

From Lycksele 35 km / 30 minutes

Drive E12 bound Umeå for 14 km. Turn left by the signs Hällnäs 47, Ekorrsele 20. Drive 20 km until you cross the Vindelriver and continue for another 500 meters and turn right by the sign Bygdegård and follow that road for 200 meters.


Aurora Borealis HB, Ekorrsele 35, 922 91 Vindeln, Sweden. Tel +46-(0)705 799 338 Maria / +46-730 933 076 Donald