Kennel visit

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Kennel visit


A dog kennel of the size of ours is a fabulous experience!

We welcome you to visit us and our 45 Siberian Huskies and gain an insight in our daily routine and how humans and dogs work together. We will to tell you some important facts about our great dogs and show you how much a single dog can pull in a weight pulling show. Afterwards enjoy a tasty sandwich with home smoked bacon and Västerbotten cheese in our Laplander hut.


For us it is important to be able to offer you a hands-on experience. That means that you can help us feeding the dogs and preparing the cart with which we will take you on a short tour at the end of you visit. We let a number of dogs loose in our 3500 sq/m big kennel so you get to pet and hug the dogs.


Cuddle with our puppies, meet Kracker & Steer, two of the fastest Siberian Huskies who performed the Iditarod race with more than 1000 miles/1600 km from Anchorage to Nome in Canada. They were on the team that sat the Siberian Husky record in 2008 and 2010.


Kill the myth about the big, blue eyed and aggressive husky and get to know our kind and outgoing dogs. The dogs and we are looking forward to meeting you!



Adults:300 SEK

Children between the age of 4 and 12:200 SEK


PERIOD: June – November and on request



Approx. 2, 5 hours