Experience an 3-day fishing in Vindelälven and lakes around Ekorrsele / Ekorrträsk.

On our three-day fishing trip, you have the opportunity to both fish for grayling and trout, and in the later part of the summer, even salmon.

Ekorrsele is right in between some of Vindelälvens finest rapids and Bäckarforsen & Holmforsen is just open for fly fishing, and here you can find the best grayling fishing. Along the rapids are a number of shelters and the advantage is that it easily reaches the both sides of the rapids, as you can drive on both sides.

Even Trollforsarna accessed from two sides, and these rapids are a little bigger and perfect both for trolling and fly fishing.

Below the Lower Trollforsen you find Ekorrstryckan offering fine fishing, and is within walking distance from our guesthouse.

In the nearby lakes Ekorrträsk & Ekorrsjö you can fish for big pikes, and nice perch. When you fish in these lakes include loans of our boat with an electric motor in the package.

You choose how you want to set up your fishing trip every day, but the long summer nights gives you many hours to fish.

Fishing Methods

Fishing for grayling are mostly operated with a fly or small spinners. Keep in mind that Grayling hot summer days are deep so when the bottom-fishing with heavier lures. Pike and perch fishing are conducted mostly with jigs, lures, spinners, ures and poppers. Copper King has proven effective for all the fish!

Salmon fishing works primarily with spinning equipment. Wobblers between 50-90 mm with a depth of about 2 m is used the most. Popular colors are blue, green, gold, but every fisherman has her own favorites

The accommodation we offer is a smaller dwelling house from 1904 that can accommodate up to 6 people. The house is renovated and modernized and equipped with comfortable beds, kitchen and of course, shower and toilet.

You will find a double room, and a room with three beds upstairs. A small alcove and kitchen, toilet / shower, and our office and souvenir / fishing shop on the lower floor. The guest house is also equipped with wireless Internet, which is free of charge.

Minimum 3 persons, maximum 6

The package includes accommodation, boat with electric motor and fishing licenses.

Price per person: 1875 Skr


Aurora Borealis HB, Ekorrsele 35, 922 91 Vindeln, Sweden. Tel +46-(0)705 799 338 Maria / +46-730 933 076 Donald