Paddle board half day

Paddle board - half day tour incl light lunch

Paddle board-Halfday tour, incl light lunch.

This tour is a combination of a fun activity and an incredible outdoor experience.

We gather in Ekorrsele or Lycksele to be equipped with wet suits, life jackets and helmets, then the transport by car to the starting point in Arvsele and scenic Arvån. Arvån meander slowly through a scenic landscape down to the Vindelriver

Along Arvån are plenty of beaver, moose and waterfowl, and because we are standing up and moving quietly so the chances of seeing these animals are relatively good. At Arvåforsen we lift up our boards and carry them past the rapids, but take the opportunity to eat a light lunch. Then we continue our journey downstream where we finish our journey just above the upper Trollrapid. NOTE: Time can vary depending on the water situation!

The half day tour can also take place in Tannbäcken, just outside Lycksele. A very scenic creek with good chances to see wildlife such as beaver,moose and wonderful dragonflies.

Good stuff to bring on the tour

•Mosquito repellent

•Something to drink

•Waterproof camera

Price: 850 SEK/pers

Minimum: 2 people, max 8

Aurora Borealis HB, Ekorrsele 35, 922 91 Vindeln, Sweden. Tel +46-(0)705 799 338 Maria / +46-730 933 076 Donald