Rookie Run - Winter

Rookie Run - or how to get infected by the dog sledding virus

Our Rookie Run is the perfect short tour for beginners. As a guest on this tour you will be in charge of a team of 4-6 dogs. We begin the day with harnessing the dogs and giving you short instructions of how to handle the sled and communicate with your dog team. Now we are ready to get started! You will be a team of two per sled so you take turns to drive the team. The tour will take you through the deep forest, over wetlands and sometimes even over frozen rivers and lakes. You will get to know the beauty of this country and feel the strength of our hard-working dogs. After the tour you are very welcome to give us a hand with letting the dogs back in their kennels.

To be able to drive the sled you need to speak/understand English language, if not we offer a place in a sled. This is very important for everybody’s safety. This has to be known to us when you make the booking. (so we can plan the tour and have enough guides) If we notice that the guest doesn’t understand we will offer a place in a sled the whole tour.

INCLUDED: winter clothing rental


Adult: 900 SEK/pers

Children under 12 years: 600 kr

Student: 800 SEK/pers

With Coffe/tea and a toast prepared over open fire 1000 kr/pers

DURATION approx. 1,5 hour



Aurora Borealis HB, Ekorrsele 35, 922 91 Vindeln, Sweden. Tel +46-(0)705 799 338 Maria / +46-730 933 076 Donald